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Year 2 are investigating woodlice habitats…

Take one tray, some leaves and sticks, add some water, some light, and then put the woodlice in. Year 2 made a woodlice choice chamber in their habitat topic. The woodlice had four different environments to choose from… Light +┬áDry … Continue reading

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Year 2 have some lovely displays…

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Year 2 – China Topic

hroughout January and February, Year 2 found out lots of things about China. Part of this involved them making some beautiful Chinese patterned plates. And what do you do when you’ve made some lovely plates? Why, you have a tea … Continue reading

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Year 2 We Are Reseachers

As part of their “We Are Researchers” Computing topic, Year 2 have been learning all about searching for information and using it for a purpose. They’ve looked at search engines and algorithms, compared different ways of finding information and used … Continue reading

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