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Here’s a special guest review from one of our ex-pupils. We wanted to know whether Helen Moss’ Adventure Island books would be perfect for those of you running out of Famous Five books to devour, so we asked one of last years Year 6 pupils to read them in between her Year 7 homework!

So over to Emily…..

These are a fantastic read for ages 7 and upwards I would say. You always want to read more!

It begins really interesting, getting you hooked in with a few words and the fab characters. After that it flows beautifully all fans of the Famous Five books will love this.

It is about 2 boys who get sent to the middle of nowhere to stay with their old-fashioned aunt for the whole summer! They think they are in for a really boring time but all that changes when they meet an interesting friend and now the three of them just cannot stop having adventures.

I couldn’t stop reading these fantastic tales, these thrilling adventures are well-written and full of unexpected twists that really draw you in. They remind me of Enid Blyton adventure books, but with a modern day feel.  I think these books are grand and really deserve to be read by everyone. 10 out of 10 from me!

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  1. Helen Moss says:

    Hello Emily,
    Thank you very much for your lovely (or “awesome, as Jack would say) review of the Adventure Island books. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed them, and thank you very much for recommending them to the children at Wilberfoss School. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to write such a thoughtful review.
    best wishes,

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