Foundation Stage Sports Day 2016

A wonderful morning, the sun shone and the children had a wonderful time running, jumping, skipping and doing many, many other fun activities!

DSCN5372 DSCN5369 DSCN5368 DSCN5364 DSCN1980 DSCN1979 DSCN1978 DSCN1977 DSCN1976 DSCN1975 DSCN1892 DSCN1891

Many more photos after the jump…

DSCN1974 DSCN1973 DSCN1972 DSCN1971 DSCN1970 DSCN1969 DSCN1968 DSCN1967 DSCN1966 DSCN1965 DSCN1964 DSCN1963 DSCN1962 DSCN1961 DSCN1960 DSCN1959 DSCN1958 DSCN1957 DSCN1956 DSCN1955 DSCN1954 DSCN1953 DSCN1952 DSCN1951 DSCN1950 DSCN1949 DSCN1948 DSCN1947 DSCN1946 DSCN1945 DSCN1944 DSCN1943 DSCN1942 DSCN1941 DSCN1936 DSCN1934 DSCN1924 DSCN1922 DSCN1914 DSCN1909 DSCN1907 DSCN1906 DSCN1899 DSCN1897 DSCN1895 DSCN1894 DSCN1893 DSCN1892 DSCN1891 DSCN1890 DSCN1889 DSCN1888 DSCN1887 DSCN1886 DSCN1885 DSCN1354 DSCN1350 DSCN1331 DSCN1326 DSCN1325 DSCN1320 DSCN1318 DSCN1309 DSCN1306 DSCN1304 DSCN1300 DSCN1299 DSCN1297 DSCN1295 DSCN1294 DSCN1293 DSCN1291 DSCN1285 DSCN1279 DSCN1277 DSCN1276 DSCN1275 DSCN1274 DSCN1273 DSCN1272 DSCN5373

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