Blog Rules!


The Wilberfoss School Blog has some very simple and easy rules to make blogging fun and safe. Everyone is more than welcome to contribute to the blog, either through writing or commenting, but please follow these rules:

1. Only use your first name on the blog. This include parents of children at the school.

2. Never give out your address or phone number or any personal details.

3. Don’t put pictures of yourself or others on the blog without permission.

4. Be polite! Use appropriate language for a school blog.

5. Remember to respect other people, their opinions and their work.

6. Don’t be rude or nasty.

7. Parents, carers, etc… If you’re kind enough to add comments to the blog, please only use first names or refer to yourselves as “Alex’s mum” or “Catherine’s Grandma” etc.

8. The blog is a public face of the school – when you write for it, write in full sentences, no text talk!